UVAIRx: The UX 202 is now available. This is our in-duct unit for homes and businesses http://t.co/ybtLax5h | 6 years ago
UVAIRx: UVAIRx is now installed at Camp Bow Wow. Check us out — at http://t.co/wU43CyRm | 6 years ago
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UVAIRx: The UX 103 is now available. The same technology for a smaller space. http://t.co/BLL1jh3e | 6 years ago
UVAIRx: Ux105 is in production now, after nearly one year of R&D by the UVAIRx staff. Most of the first production run sold, next batch coming soon! | 6 years, 3 months ago

The Denver Fisher House recently worked with UVAIRx to install a new air treatment system in the House, increasing safety for its residents. Interest was sparked by the recent quarantine of the veterans nursing home located nearby on the Fitzsimmons campus due to an outbreak of Norovirus.

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