Bill Smith, MD.

Denver, Colorado

I had developed severe allergies over an extended period of time, causing serious congestion, a runny nose and eyes, and drainage. I was using two boxes of Kleenex a day!  Plus I could not sleep at night.  Within two days of installing the UVAIRx unit my congestion disappeared, the runny nose and eyes was gone and I was only using a couple of Kleenex tissues a day. Best of all, I was sleeping through the night!"

Doug Perkins

Dallas, TX

"The UVAIRx product definately knocks out odors, especially new carpet and paint smells at our office during remodeling."

Lisa Davis

Minneapolis, MN

"I'm breathing better, Michael (son with allergies) is breathing better, and the dog (that sleeps in my room) didn't snore last night for the first time ever!  My husband Brad said the house smells much fresher too. We have a great product."

Patricia Westra

Assistant Director  
Xenon International Academy

“The students and staff have frankly been amazed at the positive results that the UVAIRx team has brought to our beauty college through their technology and product. The facility smells healthy. It is just like being outdoors after a lightening and rain storm has left the environment fresh and clean.

Everyone is healthier and I am confident that the germ count has been substantially reduced too.

What a fantastic difference UVAIRx has made for all of us.”

Scott Stroud

Owner, powermarketing

"Luvin' my Ux 105! My wife has severe allergies... And we have dogs! Since we started using the Ux 105, you'd never know either. Thanks to the UVAIRx team - you've got a winner!"

Kristen W. Martin

"Since installing the Ux 105 in my home and another unit in my high school theater classroom, my health has improved.   My family and I have had fewer illnesses and I have noted healthier students in the classroom.  I am a proponent of UVAIrx."

Educator, Littleton High School

Natalie Fore

Assistant Manager, U Lucky Dog

I have been working for U Lucky Dog in Denver for 2 years and have always been the one who catches whatever "bug" is going through the workplace.  U Lucky Dog installed UVAIRx in December 2011 and I haven't been sick since!!  THANK YOU UVAIRx!!!

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